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Mail 60 2008

Wastech Introduces HelpNET™ for Online Customer Support

Remote HelpNET graphic status screen

Wastech introduces Wastech HelpNET™, a customer support program which utilizes the Internet to provide complete visibility of a customer's process to expert technical support personnel at Wastech. With the appropriate permissions, these experts can then view and diagnose the process in real-time, and also tune the process or update the software remotely.

Implementation of HelpNET requires Internet connectivity for the system, such as VPN, and enabling of appropriate modules in Wastech's XENO process control software. These modules allow real-time data communications and immediate support for maintenance engineers responsible for the day-to-day operation of critical waste treatment systems.

With HelpNET, a Wastech support engineer can see in real time, without being on-site, what the process is doing, the alarm settings, chemical consumption, and component performance. It's like having the design engineers on-site to view the system in operation. Problems can be solved immediately without affecting production.

Why lose production waiting for a factory technician to arrive on-site?  Why pay for travel time and for costly on-site support? HelpNET keeps the process running with routine monitoring and immediate support, all at minimum cost.

Remote HelpNET control screen Remote HelpNET status screen

Why HelpNET?

Because customers want experienced support engineers to:

  1. Help operators when they need help.
  2. Tune the process based upon real-time data.
  3. Optimize chemical usage.
  4. Identify mechanical and electrical failures without delay.
  5. Analyze sensor performance.
  6. Define an appropriate preventive maintenance (PM) program.
  7. Install software updates or fixes without disruption and at the lowest possible cost.

The HelpNET Plan:

  1. Monthly engineering support at a very reasonable cost.
  2. Immediate on-line engineering support for process problems or tuning adjustments.
  3. Guaranteed one-hour response for critical failures (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
  4. First 3 months FREE with Wastech system purchase.
  5. Annual site license charge of $1,200 for support and software upgrades.
  6. Priority scheduling for contract holders requiring on-site support.
  7. Actual services charges of only $31.25 per 15 minutes of online support

For Assistance in Setting Up a HelpNET Plan

Call us at 818-998-3500 for assistance and a quotation.

  • Harold Sipe – Senior Application Engineer (ext 224)