pH Adjustment Systems

pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 



Wastech's wide array fo standard pump lift stations (PLS) are used to move industrial wastewater, chemicals, solvents, slurries and other process fluids.

Pump lift stations can be simplex (one pump) or duplex (two pumps) configuration and include a control panel.


Pump Lift Stations

During the wastewater treatment process, liquids can be transported from one area to another through a variety of means. Perhaps the easiest way to transfer liquids is through a gravity drain. However, there are occasions when gravity drains will not work or they are not practical. In these instances, pump lift station systems can move the wastewater from one area to another.

Vertical pump lift stations are used when there are no appreciable solids and the wastewater must be pumped from a sump to a higher elevation. These lift stations make use of vertical centrifugal pumps mounted on the tank covers to move the wastewater. Wastech's vertical pump lift stations feature plastic tanks made from polypropylene or polyethylene, one pump in a simplex system or two pumps in a duplex system, a multi-point level switch assembly, and a Wastech IPCP series industrial control panel. Wastech offers these control panels with the vertical pump lift station system as part of the package, whereas many other manufacturers require that these control panels be purchased separately. The control panel enables the pump or pumps to operate in automatic mode based on the level switches or in manual mode.

When the wastewater contains solids, an air-operated pump lift station may be more effective than a vertical pump lift station system. These lift stations use air-operated double diaphragm pumps as they are more suitable for pumping slurries and fluids with suspended solids. Solvent pump lift station systems operate in a similar manner as air-operated pump stations, but they are specially designed to handle flammable hydrocarbon solutions. These stations feature level switches and pump solenoid valves that are designed to prevent explosions. The pump, tank, and level switches are made from stainless steel to handle solvents.

Wastech Controls and Engineering can also design and manufacture a custom pump lift station that meets your specific needs. Everything including geometry, size, materials and control logic can be customized to meet unique customer requirements. Call today to learn more about standard products, or to find out how Wastech's large full-time staff of engineers can work with you to create a custom system.