pH Adjustment Systems

pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 


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Biological waste, or "biowaste", produced by laboratories and the pharmaceutical and gene therapy industries is considered hazardous to human health and therefore requires inactivation before it can be safely discharged to the sewer. Common methods for performing this biowaste inactivation utilize either heat, which elevates and holds temperature to destroy any existing living microorganisms, or chemicals, which are injected and held at specific concentrations required to eliminate biological waste. Following inactivation, wastewater will typically need additional pH adjustment prior to final monitoring and discharge to the city sewer.

Wastech’s pre-packaged Biological Waste Inactivation Systems are available in multiple sizes and configurations, and compliment its line of skid mounted pH adjustment systems. Integrating these systems ultimately saves the client money and physical space by combining what are normally considered two separate and expensive systems. Since the combined, or "Composite" system is manufactured as a single unit there are no compatibility, interface, or communication issues commonly found in setups involving two separate systems. Cost savings can also be enjoyed through a reduction in field installation requirements and operator manpower.

Which type of system is right for your process?


The ProDELTA Thermal BioKill System is a skid-mounted thermal biowaste inactivation system that uses heat to elevate and hold a high temperature to "kill" living microorganisms, biological waste and cell waste. Cooling water is used to cool the waste stream prior to discharging from the skid. Instrumentation installed on the discharge piping monitors and records the effluent temperature, hold time, and flow of the waste being discharged. Optional validation features enable users to routinely verify system functionality.  If for any reason the wastewater does not meet dischargeable specifications the control system automatically recirculates it back to the holding tank for re-treatment.


DownloadButtonThe ProDELTA Chemical BioKill System is a skid-mounted chemical biowaste inactivation system that performs by using chemical treatment to "kill" living microorganisms, biowaste and cell therapy waste. Biological wastes are inactivated by injecting chemicals into a reaction tank in order to achieve the desired chemical concentration. The waste is held at the required concentration to achieve decontamination. Following decontamination the waste is neutralized to the required discharge pH before entering the sewer line.

Standard Features Include:

  • 316L SS or fiberglass holding tank
  • 316L SS piping
  • Steam heating heat exchanger (Thermal BioKill)
  • Thermal retention for complete deactivation (Thermal BioKill) 
  • Cooling heat exchanger (Thermal BioKill) 
  • Single stage treatment systems 
  • 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1,000-gallon batch models available 
  • 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 gpm continuous models available 
  • Alternating duplex transfer pumps with inlet strainers
  • UL-Listed control panel
  • NEMA 4 powder-coated steel enclosure
  • PLC-based control system with color touchscreen HMI
  • Dry contacts for common alarm, influent permissive, and temperature out of range
  • Run permissive for remote enable/disable
  • Temperature probes in process and discharge piping
  • Seismic tie-down brackets
  • Pumped discharge
  • Out-of-Compliance prevention system
  • Skid-mounted design, ready to install
  • Factory-piped, wired, and tested before shipment


Need a Custom System?

Wastech Controls and Engineering, Inc. offers custom design and engineering of state-of-the-art turnkey industrial process systems.

One of Wastech’s application engineers will discuss the nature of your process with you exclusively for your facility.
Call (818) 998-3500 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quote or more information.

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