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pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 

Mail 62 2008

Acid Neutralization – The Next Generation

Neutralization is considered by some as a simple process. Unfortunately, it is usually much more complicated. Neutralization problems can shut down plants, result in large dollar fines to the corporation, and cause severe embarrassment to the board of directors. Waste treatment operators are particularly sensitive to pH neutralization problems because they understand the variables and often feel like the victim of process mistakes on the plant floor. Industrial waste is constantly changing.

Fortunately, pH adjustment systems can now have sufficient intelligence to compensate for process errors and plant floor mistakes. Wastech's XENO™ software monitors chemical consumption and anticipates problems by watching neutralization efficiency. Wastech's OMEGA™ industrial acid waste treatment systems can be monitored remotely using Wastech's online HelpNET™ system or by the user's own supervisory system in the plant.

Wastech's OMEGA™ and LabDELTA™ waste treatment systems now offer reliable, automated solutions for acid and caustic neutralization.

 2000-gallon OMEGA acid waste neutralization system

Large OMEGA acid waste neutralization systems with three-stage neutralization, final sampling and testing, reliable pump lift stations of 2000 gallons with three large 10 HP submersible pumps stand out. These systems incorporate the latest PLC control with remote monitoring, alarm management and data logging. Custom HMI screens help the operator diagnose and respond to changing conditions.

LabDELTA laboratory acid waste neutralization system


Compact LabDELTA acid waste neutralization units fit under a sink in laboratory or cleanroom situations, and eliminate spills or injury from strong acid neutralization. Control panels can be integral to the treatment or be remotely mounted on a nearby wall.

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