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Custom Acid Neutralization System

Acid Neutralization System

Neutralization requires a flexible solution for reliable performance. One size does not fit all when working with industrial processes. For example, it may be necessary to combine thermal plastics with metals to meet temperature extremes or chemical compatibility with the waste stream. In this case the pH was high and significant solvents were present that precluded PP, PE or PVC. Such application specific custom solutions are a specialty of Wastech engineer, who are also process experts.

Shown above is an example of a two-stage, 20 gpm, OMEGA neutralization system with stainless steel piping, sealed metal tank with industrial LIGHTNIN mixers, 110% secondary containment, Rosemount pH probes, and Burkert ultrasonic level transmitters. Integrated into the design is a duplex pump lift station with cast iron vertical centrifugal pumps mounted on the final monitoring tank. Two control panels were included, one shown with Rosemount pH analyzers and one (not shown) with ABB VFD drives and Profibus communication.

The acid day tank is fitted with an ultrasonic transmitter mounted on flanged pipe extension with dual metering pumps with splash-guard tubing. The chemical day tank is double contained on a reinforced PP platform with 3/4" PP containment, with brackets for floor mounting and forklift access.

Call Wastech engineers for a waste treatment solution tailored to your custom needs.

Acid neutralization pump Acid neutralization system control panel
Pump lift station integrated into the monitoring tank Acid neutralization control panel

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