pH Adjustment Systems

pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 

Mail 03 2004

Neutralization Packages


Single-stage, 30 gpm, continuous,
with PLC control.

Two-stage, 15 gpm, continuous,
with relay control.


One of our distributor salesmen closed a 25 gpm OMEGA Neutralization Package, with Wastech helping answer the contractor's questions in a telephone conference call. Like most contractors, the customer at first wanted to build the package himself on site to save money; however, once he understood what Wastech offers, he realized that the Wastech package actually has a lower installed cost:

  1. Lower labor costs by using Wastech's factory labor instead of "prevailing wage" trades on site. On-site work would have required mechanical and electrical trades.
  2. Fewer parts delivered to the site that can be lost.
  3. Faster installation with one power connection and simple inlet and outlet piping hookups.
  4. Simple startup with a Wastech engineer on site.
  5. No submittal hassles – Wastech drawings accepted the first time, usually without comments.
  6. One phone call if something doesn't work.

Three-stage, 10 gpm, continuous.