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pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 

Mail 05 2004

Wastech Software Impresses the Plating Bosses

High speed plating lines can be unfriendly to system integrators. Wastech Controls has just completed the installation of a complete SCADA program for one of the largest platers in Southern California, and the reviews are excellent. This company previously used a batch plating process which required continuous manual changes.

Wastech offered high speed customized plating with an Allen Bradley RSView 32 program on (3) RSLogix 500 PLCs. The program was recipe-driven for three types of nickel, two types of chrome, and brass plating on 134 stations with 40 tanks.

This application controls up to 83 cycles per hour and 200 tons of plating per day.

Wastech software lowers production costs
and eliminates mistakes

Each arm in the line is customized for a specific plating requirement, which requires automatically adjusting the rectifiers for each tank and the sequencing to the appropriate tanks. The conveyor line speed and positioning are controlled using VFD and brake control in the motor control panels. Chemical control is also included with each tank monitored for temperature,  liquid level and concentration. The entire system is tied to the waste treatment process. Wastech provided on-site startup and supervision to coordinate the integration of the software and hardware. The results were a successful installation on time and on budget.