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Mail 07 2004

A Winner: Pump Lift Stations

 If you can say "SUMP," you can use a pump lift station!

Rather than buying components and setting them into a concrete pit, many of our industrial customers are using pump lift stations in the pit to reduce installation costs, eliminate leakage problems and corrosion issues, and reduce maintenance costs. Any size lift station is possible, including custom shapes with secondary containment.

Wastech Controls is an experienced fabricator and electrical panel builder. So when you need a pump, save money and simplify your life by ordering the whole package! For more information, check out our standard vertical centrifugal pump lift stations (VPLS Series).

Pump lift stations are used to move industrial liquids such as wastewater, rinse or wash-water, process liquids that need to be treated before dumping into a sewer, and chemicals. The package may include a pump control panel or just a junction box on top of the lift station. Pump lift stations can be simplex (one pump) or duplex (two pumps). They will always include:

  • Tank and cover
  • Vertical centrifugal pump
  • Check valve on the discharge
  • Level sensors
  • Level control
  • Viewing port
  • Vent fitting
  • Inlet fitting
  • Alternating relay if duplex

Wastech engineers and our distributors will assist you  ance in sizing the pump and designing the total solution. Call Paul Nicolas at ext. 221 directly. We will also supply engineering drawings if requested. Wastech offers these stations in PP, PVDF, PVC, and Stainless Steel, and with all types of pumps and controls.