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Mail 08 2004

Simplex Pump Control Panel Duplex Pump Control Panel

Pump Control Panels

Pump control often requires a separate control panel. Wastech now offers standard panels for simplex or duplex pump lift stations -- or for any pump application:

  • Part numbers are identified with a pump motor size from 1/3 HP to 5 HP, either simplex or duplex, in 110 VAC single phase or 460 VAC three-phase power.
  • UL-rating is standard. Only quality components are used.
  • Components can be modified in the field by the contractor. The hinged panel is always made of fiberglass and is slightly oversized for modifications. All wiring and connections are labeled, and a wiring diagram is included.
  • A power supply for level switches is included.
  • An H-O-A (Hands-Off-Auto) pump control switch for each pump is included. This allows the operator to control the pump locally at the panel or from a remote switching source such as a PLC or other controller.
  • Duplex panels (for two pumps) have lead / lag control. This allows the pumps to alternate, and prolongs the life of the pumps.
  • "Economy" panels are for 110 VAC, single phase, 60 Hz power.
  • "Industrial" panels are for 460 VAC, three-phase, 60 Hz power. Three-phase panels have a mechanical disconnect, as required by UL.
  • For information and pricing, see Options and alternatives can also be priced. Use the pricing as a quotation starter, and call Wastech engineers for modifications.
Industrial Simplex Pump Control Panel
(1/3 HP to 1 HP)
Industrial Duplex Control Panel
(1½ HP to 5 HP)