pH Adjustment Systems

pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 

Control Systems Engineering Services
for Waste Treatment

We were told:
"Our waste treatment program isn't working. Labor costs and hauling charges keep increasing. Can't someone look at the entire process and fix it?"

Wastech Controls & Engineering Inc. is your one-stop shop for industrial waste treatment. Problems often require more than hardware. A solution will demand the integration of piping, pumps, sensors, controls, and an understanding of the chemistries.

Wastech engineers can provide complete solutions for pH neutralization, heavy metal removal, water recycling, zero discharge or chemical processing applications. Experienced mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers will review your process and design a system that works. Wastech guarantees it. As a fabricator, software programmer, panel builder and process engineer, Wastech is able to look at the entire operation and suggest technologies that will reduce costs and increase productivity.

Wastech engineers understand from practical experience how to move difficult liquids, how to design proven waste treatment processes, and how to analyze chemistries. Our partners include NALCO chemical, US Filter, George Fischer, and others. If you want results, call Wastech first!