pH Adjustment Systems

pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 

Packaged Pump Skids

"Building on site would have taken two trades and fifteen deliveries, with no one taking responsibility."
 Project Superintendent

Process water cooling package with heat exchanger and filtration.

Wastech Controls will engineer any industrial liquid process into a skid mounted package.

Wastech has experienced process and control engineers who will take your process and provide a total solution. Using metering pumps, calibration columns, pulse dampeners, pressure and flow instrumentation, actuated and manual valves, many types of pumps and a UL rated control panel, your application arrives on the job ready to be installed. Metering pump assemblies can be enclosed in custom metal or plastic enclosures to eliminate fumes or noise. Pump platforms can include heat exchangers, filters, custom manifolds and other accessories. A custom electrical control panel allows one point hookup and may include HMI touchscreens, PLC control, SCADA communication, 24/7 alarm reporting to beepers or cell phones. To learn more, visit the Wastech website.

Chemical dispensing pump package
(interior view)
Chemical dispensing pump package
(exterior view)