pH Adjustment Systems

pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 

Volume 0507

Automatic Chemical Mixing
& Batching

"Programming, operator display issues on top of flow
meters, recipes, and calibration headaches…
How are we going to meet the schedule?"


Wastech Controls designs and builds complete chemical process systems. As a process system integrator, Wastech designs the process and the controls for it as an integrated system. The operator displays, communication and PLC programming are based on solid experience. Wastech's skid-mounted systems come complete and fully tested. Flow meters are wet calibrated and I/O tested. All software is fully debugged.

Shown in this page is a typical project, which involves mixing of reclaimed and concentrated acids for a battery manufacturer. The system is driven by 120 programmed recipes for batching and dispensing. A skid designed and built by Wastech holds the mixing tanks, mag flow meters, actuated pneumatic valves, filtration equipment, mixers, pumps, temperature sensors and ultrasonic level transmitters. A density meter insures consistency of the final product with interacting PID control of actuated valves. The control panel incorporates an Allen Bradley SLC500 with a 10" color AB Panelview Plus 1000 display.

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