pH Adjustment Systems

pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 

Custom Pump Lift Stations for Concentrated Acid

What could be harder?
A custom pump lift station and control panel for 98% Sulfuric Acid at 70ÂșC!

The customer called in a panic wanting to know what materials would work. He needed to fill a 60-gallon drum and needed a custom filling station with a high level shut-off from the panel.

The Wastech "filling" solution included a built-in electronic level switch from Flowline mounted through a 2" bung connection. The pump lift station was a custom molded PFA tank with a fabricated PFA lid. Secondary containment was fabricated in polypropylene. A PFA air operated pump and PFA tubing and fittings were also required. The panel was a typical control panel for batching and filling.

As you would expect, Wastech provided an engineered solution with quality fabrication.