pH Adjustment Systems

pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 

Upgrade or Automate Older Waste Treatment Neutralization Systems

Automate existing older systems. Upgrade older metering pumps.

If your waste treatment system is tired or just plain worn out, upgrade the system with new controls for an automated process. Take that old neutralization system and modernize it with digital controls and new components. Using your existing tanks and other major investments, we can make that system shine again and eliminate those nasty breakdowns and mistakes. Your maintenance people will applaud you, and your controller and management will see stronger profits with less risk.

Replace old relay controllers
with digital PLC control.

Are these problems common?

  • NOVs and discharge violations.
  • Alarms that no one sees.
  • Continuous pump and mixer breakdowns.
  • Last minute emergency reordering of chemical supplies.
  • Chemicals run out without warning.
  • Surprisingly large chemical bills.
  • Requests for more maintenance time.

Wastech engineers will review your system and recommend individual improvements including pump replacements, new instrumentation such as transmitters instead of gauges, operator interface changes, and new communication features. Wastech experienced engineers will design a system that will increase the productivity of your operators, allow alarms to be communicated immediately, reduce maintenance requirements, and eliminate those simple mistakes.

Our digital control systems will provide visual and easy-to-understand system status with alarm conditions that are communicated to beepers, by email or on the internet at a password protected site. Digital touch screens offer complete information instead of individual relay controllers. Response procedures can be added in Spanish or other languages. Graphical representations of tanks and pumps eliminates operator confusion.

The Wastech engineering team includes chemical engineers, process engineers and control engineers, all with industrial waste treatment experience. Call us for a proposal.