pH Adjustment Systems

pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 

Mail 33 2006

pH Monitoring Made Simple

Wastech is a specialist in pH monitoring!

Not only do Wastech engineers understand sensors and instrument integration, but we have our own UL panel shop. You may pick from several standard designs, or our engineers will customize a solution for your application. Our pH monitoring panels are used to automate waste treatment systems.

Solutions for Corrosive Environments

A strip chart recorder, such as the Wastech Series 800 Strip Chart Recorder, is not NEMA-4X rated and should not be installed outdoors or in a corrosive atmosphere unless protected. Wastech's functional and elegant solution, shown to the top and to the right, places a NEMA-4X cover over the recorder only. This cover is hinged at the bottom and is secured with two screws. It opens easily and closes watertight, with no need to open the main panel. Our competitors use a large glass window panel, which places all of the instrumentation behind glass. This is a less satisfactory solution, since opening the window panel for access to the recorder exposes all of the electronics to the corrosive atmosphere.

Custom Panel Solutions

Wastech can customize the panel to add an additional controller or alarm indications as the application demands. Often a contractor will call in a panic for a last minute UL labeled panel. Such a panel may require three-phase power, an extra controller, alarm indication, and pump conditions. We can easily handle such requests, and we supply drawings for the submittal.

Data Logging and Communications

Many of today's pH monitoring applications involve data logging and digital data communications. Our experience with data loggers allows solutions not seen by many customers. For example, see the Wastech Series 850 Data Logger. We can offer simple panels where data can be downloaded to a laptop when needed, or continual Ethernet connections to a remote PC. Alarm conditions can be communicated via a beeper, cell phone or email.

Standard pH Monitoring Panels

For pricing and links to our standard pH monitoring panels, see