pH Adjustment Systems

pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 

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Pump Lift Station Cabinets & Pumping Skid Enclosures

Standard Pump Lift Stations can be customized by Wastech craftsmen with a complete enclosure or custom pump cabinet. Made of PP or PVC, the enclosure or cabinet is ideal for many chemical applications. Where containment is important, noise reduction or sound proofing required, or access control to instruments or valving, the pumping equipment can be enclosed completely or partially.  Doors of clear PVC with cabinet hardware can be designed for any pump lift station application. 

Pump Enclosure Semiconductor 2227

Semiconductor pump lift station (PLS)

This enclosure is a four-sided, double-containment enclosure with a roof for a duplex pump lift station. The customer demanded threaded fittings for all piping, a mounted control panel (not shown) and leak detection equipment. A clear door and special baffling inside dampens noise.

High Purity Chemical Pumping Enclosure 5480

High purity pumping cabinet

A pharmaceutical company wanted air operated pumps enclosed in a custom cabinet. This duplex arrangement included pressure control, pulse dampening, air filter and regulators and a complete control panel.

Metering pump enclosure

Noise dampening demanded a special enclosure mounted on a metal, a powder-coated skid (for forklift accessibility) with a steel frame for strength with clear PVC lockable doors, and PP sides and roof. Large and heavy DC drive metering pumps and accessories were installed with a complete control panel. Maintenance demanded an internal light.

Pump Lift Station Enclosure 6648

Pump Lift Station enclosure

Double-contained pump lift station with duplex vertical centrifugal pumps were demanded on the discharge of an enclosed integral delivery system, including a piping manifold, pressure switches, flow meter and control valves. Pumps were not enclosed on the back of the unit. Notice the leak detection switch and forklift access holes. Cabinet and secondary containment fabricated in PP.

Metering Pump Protection 3354

Metering Pump Protection

A simple dispensing application using a PE tank and two metering pumps involved a hazardous liquid. The customer wanted more protection and asked that a custom enclosure be mounted on the PP tank lid to trap leaks and fitting failures. Otherwise, chemicals could be sprayed under pressure on operators, causing serious injury. 

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