pH Adjustment Systems

pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 

OMEGA Two-Stage Acid & Caustic Waste Neutralization Packages




Two-stage, 15 gpm, continuous acid waste
neutralization system with relay control.


Most customers want to build acid and caustic waste neutralization packages themselves on-site to save money; however, once they understand what Wastech offers, they realize that the Wastech package actually has a lower installed cost. Reasons are as follows:

  1. Lower labor costs by using Wastech's factory labor instead of “prevailing wage” trades on site. On-site work will typically require use of mechanical and electrical trades.
  2. Fewer parts delivered to the site that can be lost.
  3. Faster installation with one power connection and simple inlet and outlet piping hookups.
  4. Simple startup with a Wastech engineer on site.
  5. No submittal hassles – Wastech drawings accepted the first time, usually without comments.
  6. One phone call if something doesn’t work.

Three-stage, 10 gpm, continuous.



Acid Neutralization Options


Options can make all the difference! Wastech OMEGA neutralization packages are only limited by your imagination.
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  1. Both active and passive systems are available:
    1. Active uses metering pumps with NaOH (caustic) or H2SO4 (sulfuric acid)
    2. Passive uses CaCO3 (calcium carbonate or limestone chips)
  2. The system can be a batch treatment system or a continuous treatment system.
  3. One, two or three-stage active systems are possible (each with a separate set of metering pumps).
  4. Surge tanks or equalization tanks can be included.
  5. CO2 gas neutralization for high pH applications instead of liquid acid (gas forms carbonic acid when combined with water).
  6. Strong acid (0-2 pH) neutralization for laboratories.
  7. Limestone systems for passive solutions.
  8. Custom tanks for combined sampling and reaction tanks in a small footprint.



Combination fabricated PP tank showing sample tank. Relay panel with two Signet ProcessPro controllers and a Wastech Series 800 strip chart recorder. PLC panel with HMI black & white display screen and a Wastech Series 800 strip chart recorder.


Wastech OMEGA neutralization packages can be designed with relay controls or PLC software featuring the Zeus™ control package. See OMEGA Neutralization System Features.
Relay control uses a pH controller to accept the sensor input and turn on or off relay to the metering pump based upon setpoints. GF Signet or Rosemount are normal choices, but any controller specified by the customer can be used.
PLC control requires a display screen and PLC software. When the project involves temperature, flow rate, totalizer, multiple tanks, actuated valves and other inputs, a PLC is the perfect low-cost solution. Over the years, Wastech has developed a PLC control program that handles all neutralization designs. This program allows data logging, internet monitoring, and alarm communication to beepers or cell phones.