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pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 
How to Choose a pH Adjustment System


Many industrial processes produce wastewater that is either too acidic or too alkaline to be discharged into the public sewer. In such cases, a low cost, reliable pH adjustment solution like the fully automated, skid mounted systems offered by Wastech Controls & Engineering could bring the solution to your doorstep. Wastech's pre-packaged pH Adjustment Systems treat a wide variety of industrial waste streams and are configured at the factory to neutralize and automatically adjust the pH of your wastewater, greatly reducing labor costs, eliminating accidents and potential illegal discharge violations. Simply put, your system is engineered to pump, measure, treat, neutralize and discharge your wastewater so you have peace of mind.


The first step is deciding which pH adjustment system you need for your process. A multitude of customizable options coupled with the fact that no two wastewater streams are exactly alike can make the selection process overwhelming, even for those with manufacturing experience. Wastech has simplified this process with its new pH Adjustment Matrix. This matrix was designed by Wastech Application Engineers to assist you in the selection process and to provide you with general specifications on the system you will need.





Continuous pH Adjustment Systems

Wastech's Continuous series of pH neutralization systems are designed to treat continuous flows of wastewater. A continuous design is recommended for higher flow rates (10-400+ GPM). Wastech's standard continuous pH systems are 2-stage systems with 2 reaction tanks for active pH adjustment followed by a third monitoring tank to ensure the exiting wastewater is within dischargeable pH limits. Each reaction tank is equipped with a mixer to constantly agitate the wastewater while metering pumps inject neutralizing chemicals directly into the tanks. The 2-stage design offers redundancy, allowing a single tank to handle pH adjustment if the other were to encounter a fault condition or be taken offline for maintenance purposes.




Batch pH Adjustment Systems


Wastech's Batch series of pH neutralization systems are designed to treat wastewater in batches. A batch design is recommended for relatively low (10-20 GPM), intermittent flows. Wastewater enters a holding tank where a specific volume is allowed to accumulate before being transferred to a reaction tank. In the reaction tank a mixer is used to constantly agitate the wastewater while neutralizing chemicals are added to adjust the pH to within dischargeable limits. Once the desired pH is attained, the system discharges the neutralized wastewater to the sewer.



Concentrated Systems


Wastech's Concentrated Systems, also available in batch or continuous configurations, are designed to neutralize highly-concentrated wastewater streams that are either highly acidic or highly alkaline. Both types of systems automatically and safely treat process flows with pH of 0 - 14.

An important note about "Hybrid" pH Systems

Whether ordering a Wastech pH adjustment system or not, beware of so-called "hybrid" systems, that attempt to eliminate important neutralization steps in an effort to reduce cost.

These systems utilize a re-circulation pump and inject treatment chemicals into a re-circulation line rather than directly into the reaction tank. Wastech no longer designs these systems, as experience has shown them to have significant drawbacks, including the following:

  1. A continuously operating re-circulation pump is simply another piece of equipment that will wear and require replacement.
  2. A flow sensor for proof of flow to enable chemical injection adds another instrument to the system that is prone to fouling and malfunction.
  3. Often encountered in the industry, injection of both acid and caustic into the same line can result in accidental mixing that causes system piping to melt.
  4. Pressurized re-circulation piping is an additional point of leakage should a crack develop.


Placing Your Order

All customers have unique requirements and Wastech's engineers are experts in customization. Contact Wastech today to discuss your process needs and allow their experienced Application Engineers to assist you with what type of system will best suit your needs. Wastech engineers have the experience to ask the right questions and gain a full understanding of your waste stream, enabling them to offer you the most reliable and cost effective means to treat your wastewater.

Need a custom pH system? Wastech has been manufacturing custom systems for over 26 years. You will receive a quality, pre-tested, and startup-ready system to your facility's front door. Wastech will also be there to support you during installation, commissioning, training, and operation.

To speak with an Application Engineer about a solution to your application today, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or call (818) 998-3500


[Download a copy of this pH Adjustment System Guide]

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