pH Adjustment Systems

pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 

Recording Devices & Data Logging

  Wastech 30-day paper strip chart recorders

  Ink & Paper Recorders

Traditionally data recording has been done with ink pens on paper using either a strip chart recorder or a circular chart recorder. These mechanical devices are still requested, and Wastech provides them mounted in a panel in either a NEMA-4 enclosure (water and spray protected for outdoors or wet environments) or a NEMA-12 enclosure (for protected applications inside a building).

Chart recorder laser – PHE
Chart recorder laser - PHC

The problem with these mechanical devices is their fragile mechanisms. If the paper is changed carelessly and the pen mechanism is damaged, the unit must be returned to the factory. If a pen is bent, it may fail to write on the paper. Pens are consumable and must be replaced when ink is consumed. The recorders also require a fairly large enclosure and special wiring. The strip chart recorder is not UL or NEMA-4 rated, and an additional cover is needed for outdoor applications.

Paperless Recorders & Digital Data Loggers

A new option is the paperless recorder with a video display of 1, 2 or up to 12 channels. These are slick units with many options and features. These include relay outputs for control, a compact flash card drive for data logging, Ethernet communication, monochrome or color displays, special software, DIN rail mounting, and a USB port. Pricing has come down to within $500 of the circular paper recorders.