pH Adjustment Systems

pH Neutralization / pH Adjustment Systems for industrial wastewatertreatment 

Acid Neutralization Systems

Wastech Controls has been designing and fabricating industrial waste neutralization systems since 1987. Wastech offers OMEGA skid-mounted acid waste neutralization (AWN) packages, which have become the industry standard for reliability and safety. OMEGA systems come in standard single-stage neutralization systems from 10 to 25 gpm to large continuous neutralization systems from 100 to 500 gpm as well as batch configurations.

Wastech control technology using PLC software or relay logic control provides a complete package based on years of industrial waste treatment experience. For other waste treatment solutions, including heavy metal removal, rinse water recycling, zero-discharge applications, and solvent collection systems, contact the factory for information and pricing. See OMEGA Neutralization System Features.

 OMEGA Batch Neutralization Systems

 OMEGA Batch Acid Neutralization Systems

Using 500 to 5,000 gallon tanks, wide range of pH, fully automated and user-friendly, PLC & touchscreen control, secondary containment, industrial quality design and components, two-step calibration, UL-approved.

 OMEGA Single-Stage Continuous Neutralization Systems

 OMEGA Single-Stage Continuous Acid Neutralization Systems

Up to 100 gpm, acidic or alkaline wastewater, fully automatic pH adjustment with continuous chart recording, factory assembled with single inlet and outlet, automatic shutoff or recirculating valve, NEMA-4X control panel, UL-approved.

OMEGA Two-Stage Continuous Neutralization Systems

OMEGA Two-Stage Continuous Acid Neutralization Systems

Up to 500 gpm, extreme wastewater conditions, fine tuning of pH effluent, fully automatic pH adjustment with continuous chart recording, powder coated heavy duty industrial metal skid base, UL-approved.

OMEGA large Modular Neutralization Systems

OMEGA large Modular Acid Neutralization Systems

Custom neutralization systems can include custom fabricated tanks, fiberglass or HDPE tanks with custom software, pumps skids, specified instrumentation, and controls.

Complete Industrial Waste Treatment Systems

 Complete Industrial Waste Treatment Systems

Turnkey systems with analytical control, chemical injection, pumping controls, solids separation, and final discharge monitoring using Wastech chemical formulations for heavy metal removal or BOD/COD control.

 XENO™ Neutralization Software

 XENO™ Acid Neutralization Software

Advanced PLC-based process automation software, with features such as remote service support, alarm management, multiple stage operation, graphical touch screen support, data logging, and data communications.


Wastech HelpNet™ Web-Based Maintenance Support

 Wastech HelpNet™ Web-Based Maintenance Support

Allows a Wastech maintenance engineer to see the process in real time without being on-site, to tune the software, and recommend changes. Like having the engineer at the process, but without travel costs or delays.